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Results of the session ‘Increasing sawmill production and quality, reduction of manufacturing defects and equipment downtime’

23 December 2016

On the 16th of December in Saint-Petersburg city Convention Hall ‘PetroCongress’ held a lumber training session ‘Increasing sawmill production and quality, reduction of manufacturing defects and equipment downtime’.

The session was innovative for its providers - exhibition association RESTEC. Session topics were based on a survey of Russian timber industry professionals.

Up to schedule there were 8 speakers during the day. They discussed current and controversial issues of the domestic sawmill industry. Speaker’s reports have covered all phases and aspects of wood cutting and efficient production organization, incl.questions of equipment choice and placement, modernization and optimization capabilities of the enterprises, selection, operation and maintenance of the cutting tools, as well as lumber drying kilns.

Speakers talked about current trends in the lumber market, as well as technological and technical nuances of round timber sorting. Attention was paid to the usage of modern lines for cutting logs, allowing for the individual cutting of each assortment. Considerable attention was paid to modern methods of quality assessment and specification of lumber output. 

Other reports presented the topic of selection, operation and maintenance of sawmill cutting tool. Analysis of main reasons for decline of lumber quality and saw failures due to improper selection, preparation and exploitation called the great interest of the audience.

The participants noted that the seminar was very useful. They wish that such events would be held on a regular basis. Lots of proposals to make future seminar programs longer and intensive.  



Source: exhibition association RESTEC