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The Conference 'Russian Forestry and Timber Market 2017'!

2 May 2017

The II International Conference ‘Forest and Timber Market in Russia 2017’ was completed. The event was held in Moscow on 21st of April, 2017, with the support of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra Industry Department and companies like BOHNENKAMP AG, StenaLine, Indufor, Heliports of Russia. The conference's partner was the ECOLINE company.


Representatives of regulators, domestic and foreign businesses, forest stock exchanges, carriers, sellers and exporters of sawn timber attended the conference this year. Also representatives of international companies and associations took part in the conference, which showed great interest in forest trade with Russia and development of forestry sector in our country.

'Yesterday's conference was very good and all the speech are excellent. Many thanks for inviting us to give this speech', Shen Wei, secretary general, CTWPDA.

Chinese Association of Timber and Wood Products (CTWPDA) presentation arose a huge interest, as China is one of the major buyers of Russian forest. Lee Zhafeng, vice president of the association, spoke about development of the Chinese-Russian forest trade market. 'Thanks to the developed logistic scheme, Russian timber is supplied to such Chinese regions as Tibet, Xinjiang in the west, Guangdong and Yunnan in the south' - he said. 


Analyzing the presentation of Chinese Association, conference's participants concluded that the previously obtained data of Russian statistics were much lower than Chinese speaker mentioned. During the conference, participants assessing opportunities for processing timber came to the conclusion that currently in Russia forestry projects are at the level of start-ups and laboratory researches. 

Source: MAXConference