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Rottne takes the first sod to new buildings

5 July 2013

ROTTNE INDUSTRY AB now starts construction of new engineering and training facilities in Rottne. The construction will be divided into stages and expected to be completed in spring 2014. Construction premises including experiments and lab hall gets a total area of ​​1,650 m2 and training area of ​​the premises will be 750 m2. The next phase is also planned for an expansion of the spare parts departement of 2,450 m2.

- We have already started the construction building, says CEO Rolf Andersson and the training building starts a little later. It’s a big investment for us in about 45 million SEK incl. the spare parts department.


A few weeks ago we gathered all our international and Swedish retailers on the world’s largest fair, ElmiaWood, just outside Jönköping. We were glad to announce that we have now started the construction of more suitable premises for both engineering and education.

On ElmiaWood we also launched a new harvester with 8 wheels which was well received by both customers and dealers. It’s a new generation of large harvester for final felling, adds Rolf Andersson.

The economy in the forestry industry is currently not the best but, despite the tough times, the order intake has been relatively good so far this year. The export market is much better this year than last year. The start of the year was rocky but in recent months, orders received have been really good, says Rolf Andersson.


Source: Rottne