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Arkhangelsk: one more sawmill

23 October 2013

In the end of 2012 Sawmill 25 (Arkhangelsk) started up the 2-nd Linck sawline with capacity being 700 th. m3 per year.

Delivery to Tsiglomen sector production facilities included the following equipment:

Hekotek log sorting line and infeed system (2012)

Valon Kone debarker (2012) 
                VK 8000 HD­-Combi-3R

Linck sawline (2012)  

                VM 45 circularsaw and profiling line with full optimization,
                speed 40-­130 m/min.

2 Hekotek green sawn timber sorting lines (2012)
                for central and side boards

Hekotek dry sawn timber sorting line (2012)

FinScan automated systems of quality assessment and optimization (2012)
                BoardMaster­-FS with EndSpy camera (for dry sorting)

Hekotek conveyors for bark, chips and dust (2012)

Polytechnik boiler house (2004, 2012)
                5 mW (2 х 2.5 mW)
                (2 х 9.5 mW + 3.3 mW)