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The 19th St. Petersburg International Forestry Forum is over!

10 October 2017

October 3-4, in St. Petersburg, the XIX International Forestry Forum - the largest annual business forum of Russian timber industry complex - was held.

This year 456 delegates and 77 speakers from Russia, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Austria and Estonia took part in the event. There were representatives of 30 regions of Russia at the Forum this year. In addition, there were industry experts, entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists and professionals of forest industry. Forum Information support was provided by more than 35 industry and business mass media.


Within 2 working days, participants had discussed key issues of timber industry, such as:

  • Development strategy of the timber industry complex,
  • Rational use of forest resources,
  • Innovations in timber industry,
  • The competent management of industrial waste and environmental safety.

In total, within two days, there were 4 round tables and 3 thematic conferences. Participants of these events noted high level of speakers and relevance of discussed topics.

According to delegates and speakers, the Forum reaffirmed its reputation as one of the most effective business sites in the timber industry in Russia.

In 2018, the St. Petersburg International Forestry Forum is scheduled to be held on September 26-27. 

Source: Ehxibition Agency 'RESTEC'