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Springer: E-CUT 200 - new beltless trimmer attracts a great deal of attention in the wood industry

13 May 2013

E-CUT 200 is the name of the new trimmer, to be presented by SPRINGER for the first time at the LIGNA trade fair in Hanover. This new module is the result of intensive research conducted during the early stages of development which focused primarily on resolving the old problem areas of drive type, operation and maintenance. The results are astounding: the E-CUT 200 is the first fully electric, strapless trimmer, designed as standard with 21 saws configured in modules of 300 mm. It can be used to produce boards with a final length of up to 6 meters. A new feature on this trimmer is its two externally located central motors which drive the swingarm gear units, setting the saw blades in rotation. This new system dramatically reduces maintenance costs in comparison to conventional belt drives.