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Valutec: Good for wood

27 January 2016

Valutec is Europe’s largest supplier of wood kilns. Over almost a century in the industry, the company has delivered more than 4000 kilns to sawmills across much of Europe. Behind these successes lies the conviction that a good drying process can substantially improve the quality of the wood. This has resulted in kiln solutions that have fundamentally changed the view of what can be achieved when it comes to drying wood. As one of the driving forces behind the industry’s technical advances, Valutec aims to be a symbol for modern wood kilns, now and in the future. With bases in Sweden and Finland, Valutec has spent many years establishing a highly skilled workforce – an essential move in keeping the company at the leading edge of research.

As the world’s biggest supplier of progressive kilns, Valutec is heavily involved in the trend for the increasing use of this drying technology. The basic principle is that the timber is dried as it is transported, fully automatically, through the different climates in a drying channel. Via close collaboration with both leading international research teams and customers, Valutec has refined the kiln solutions so that the company’s progressive kilns offer maximum capacity utilization, the perfect quality and energy consumption that is as low as possible, thus ensuring optimum economy in the drying process.