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John Deere and Traktorodetal at the annual loggers’ meeting!

4 May 2017

Loggers’ annual meeting took place in Sovetsky city, Tyumen Region. Ural scientists, representatives of the 'Soviet forestry' and forestry experts discussed current problems of forest business.


Speaker Andrey Komlev, territorial manager of Traktorodetal, mentioned in his report ‘Modern ways of logging’ about advanced technologies in the field of forestry and paid attention to personnel trainings. Logging is rapidly growing, John Deere's machinery is being improved every year and it's easy to cope with any work, but, nevertheless, productivity often depends on professionals’ skills and quality. To solve this problem Traktorodetal handed over a John Deere simulator to the Soviet Polytechnic College, which allows future operators to practice logging processes and understand machine’s work before going to the plots.


‘For more than 30 years the Soviet Polytechnic College is the largest center of the training personnel for timber industry complex. In addition, more than 200 people annually improve their qualifications and undergo retraining in our college. As equipment is constantly being modernized, and the machines software is rapidly becoming obsolete. In this regard, the new John Deere’s simulator was simply necessary for our training center. At the moment it is already actively used by our students’ – said Nadezhda N. Boldyreva, College Director. 

Source: John Deere