Conference: Russia’s timber and sawn wood market

24 February 2021

MAXConference invites you and your colleagues to take part in the VI conference «Russia’s timber and sawn wood market».

Date: April 22-23, 2021
Venue: 22 Tverskaya Street, Moscow, Intercontinental Tverskaya Hotel.

Among the key topics on the conference’s agenda are:

 — Trends in the international markets regarding Russia’s wood and timber consumption. (Key changes in the EU, Asia-Pacific, MENA, and CIS markets: dynamics of export volumes, consumption structure, demand forecast; share of Russia’s wood products and assessment of their competitiveness; promising export directions).

 — Forest resource balance of Russia. (Pricing, market capacity, structure and forecast of consumption of round timber, problems of imbalance and possible consequences of the ban on the export of round unprocessed or roughly processed wood).

 — Drivers of growth in the consumption of timber and sawn timber in Russia. (Trends in housing construction; prospects for the development of wood-based panels; trends in the DIY market; new products and solutions with added value).

 — Key changes in legislation (Russia’s Forest Code; USAIS; Priority investment projects in the field of forest development).

 — Forest cargo transportation market. (Fleet balance, rental rates, operator plans; ways to improve the efficiency of rail transport of forest products; the future of export and domestic transport in the context of a ban on wood exports).


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