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19 February 2021

USNR AB signed a contract for the supply of a SaperSaver band saw line with Atlant, Yantal, Ust-Kutsk District, Irkutsk Region, operated by Innovations, Irkutsk. The line, which includes the Sawmaster1600 / 4 tap-saw machine and an automatic trimming line, is a complete solution for a full cycle line for processing large logs. This is a solution of the highest level in terms of both equipment composition and optimization technology.

The saw line is designed to maximize the useful yield from each log. Equipped with USNR's proprietary control system, the line is highly flexible and capable of handling a variety of complex cutting / sawing patterns. The buyer, one of the largest timber processing enterprises in the Irkutsk region, produces sawn timber for deep processing and sale on world markets.

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