ExpoDrev September 30, 2020 - October 02, 2020

27 August 2020

Krasnoyarsk Fair Exhibition Company invites you to a specialized exhibition EXPODREV.

The exhibition is situated in Krasnoyarsk which provides several major advantages.

First of all, this is the one of the leading regions in the forest yield and the volumes of the industrial wood. Currently, the industry is facing a challenge to increase the timber processing. It means that the region needs new technologies and new equipement.

Second of all, Krasnoyarsk region is one of the most exponentially developing regions in Russia. There are 10 project from the list of priorities which are successfully implemented on the territory of the region.

What this tells us is EXPODREV is an effective place for the presentation of the new equipement models for the logging, wood-processing and furniture industry. Conditions for the market promotion of the advanced technologies, equipement and instruments for the timber processing complex are created here.

Exhibition sectors:

  • Technologies and equipement for the logging industry
  • Log-processing equipement
  • Technologies and equipement for the wood-processing industry
  • Equipement, instruments and materials for the furniture industry
  • Components for the equipement, instruments and gear for the furniture and wood-processing industries
  • Equipement and instruments for the wooden construction.
  • Technologies and the equipement for the wood-boards, plywood and scale wood production
  • Technologies and equipement for the recycling and elimination of waste and biofuel production
  • Packing, transporting and warehousing equipement
  • Industrial wood, wood-boards, plywood and scale wood
  • Wooden houses, joinery, molding, doors, windows
  • Forest product
  • Forestry, protection and regeneration of the forests.
  • Software for the wood-processing and furniture industries
  • Innovations of the industry, engineering
  • Leasing and investment companies, banks, consulting.

The program:

  • Krasnoyarsk timber industry forum.
  • Business leads market
  • Practical demonstration of the forestry and logging equipement

Source: Krasnoyarsk Fair

ExpoDrev September 30, 2020 - October 02, 2020