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FinScan Web Report

3 March 2021

FinScan NOVA grading system scans the boards on a green or dry sorting line from 10 different directions and accurately determines wood defects as well as the dimensions and quality of the sawn timber pieces. Production can be monitored in real time or for specific time periods in the FinScan Web Report. If the saw uses a Finscan MOISTSPY moisture meter, the reporting tool will also tell you the moisture of each board, and the strength classes for users of our strength grading software.



FinScan Web Report is available from every computer in the sawmill’s network, ie also remotely from anywhere. Reporting can be viewed by multiple users simultaneously without disturbing each other. Due to the open interface, the reporting tool can be integrated with the most common sawmill production planning systems such as PiiMega or Trimble.

Finland’s largest private sawn timber producer and sawn timber supplier Versowood uses FinScan’s new Web Report for both in green and dry sorting plants.