Metsä Fiber chooses Renholmen

5 May 2020

Metsä Fiber chooses Renholmen as supplier to the world's most modern sawmill.

Metsä Fiber, part of Metsä Group, makes the largest sawmill investment in Finnish history and builds the Nordic region's biggest sawmill in Rauma, Finland, for Euro 200 million. Renholmen has been entrusted to deliver two complete green sorting lines with sticker stackers and is thus one of the largest individual machine suppliers.

“This is our biggest order ever and it is a confirmation that we are an absolute world leader supplier of timber handling equipment. The plant will be a pioneer in the industry in both technology and effi-ciency”, says Per Jonsson, CEO of Renholmen AB.

It is Metsä Group that invests EUR 200 million in what is described as the world's most modern sawmill. The plant is located in southwestern Finland and will have a production capacity of 750,000 cubic meters of sawn timber per year.

“The next generation sawmill to be constructed in Rauma is a significant leap forward for the entire industry. The new technology enables a transition from workstations to control room monitoring and continuous operation”, says Ismo Nousiainen, CEO of Metsä Fiber, in a press release.

Renholmen will supply two green sorting lines, sticker and wagon management system with inter-mediate storage. Approximately 230 machine units will be delivered to the 300-meter plant.
“When selecting partners, we value safety, quality and reliability, and trust Renholmen to meet all these criteria. We are building the world’s most modern sawmill in Rauma, Finland, and have se-lected Renholmen to deliver two green sorting and sticking and stacking lines utilizing latest tech-nology”, says Harri Haapaniemi, Project Director at Metsä Rauma.

Ongoing orders of over 600 million

During the first months of 2020, Renholmen managed to contract four large businesses deals and several smaller ones. Renholmen makes a historic first quarter with an ongoing order value of over SEK 600 million.

“We still see no end to order bookings. Even though we have a large order backlog, we can con-tinue to service the market, so absolutely no doors are closed”, says Bernt-Ove Andersson, Mar-keting Manager at Renholmen AB.

The construction work regarding the two green sorting lines has already begun, and production is expected to start in the third quarter of 2022.

For more information:

Per Jonsson, CEO
Mobile +46 (0)70-651 38 33
Bernt-Ove Andersson, Marketing Manager
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Metsä Fiber chooses Renholmen