TECHNODREV. TRANSPORT Far East Region – 2020

22 July 2020

The annual exhibition "TEKHNODREV. TRANSPORT Far East Region" is a key professional event that unites several techno-industrial areas, including the exhibitions "Technodrev far East" and " Transport of the far East Region».

Dates and times: September 24-26, 2020 from 10: 00 to 18: 00

Location: Khabarovsk, Stadium named after V. I. Lenin Embankment of the Amur river, Multipurpose Regional Sports Complex

Organizer: Khabarovsk international Fair, LLC

The exhibition is part of the Technodrev network of timber industry exhibitions.

Co-organizer: VO "Restek", Saint Petersburg.

These exhibitions will be held within the framework of the technical Forum "EXPO DV 2020" where five exhibition projects will be presented: "Technodrev far East", "transport of the far East region", "Architecture and construction industry", " Energy. Automation and Security. Svyaz", interregional Amur fair.

The forum demonstrates the following directions:
  • technologies, machines, equipment and tools for logging,bioenergy, woodworking and furniture industries;
  • furniture production, accessories, accessories, interior solutions;
  • design and construction, finishing and construction materials and equipment;
  • energy, electrical equipment, energy saving;
  • industrial automation, security, communications.

Source: “Khabarovsk International Fair” LLC

TECHNODREV. TRANSPORT Far East Region – 2020