Information about each participating company in the on-line Catalogue of this website is placed as follows:

  • in the Russian version (a very detailed information with texts*, pictures, specifications, etc.) and
  • in the English version (a shortened information with the link to your web-site).

For special convenience of the site visitors information about each participating company is structured sub-sectionwise:

  • general information
  • products
  • brochures
  • contacts
  • other sections, if requested

Depending on the product range, one company can participate in several on-line catalogue sections.  

Cost of one-year participation in the on-line catalogue: 1000,- EUR.

* Please note that all the text information (company news) related to your on-line catalogue participation will be translated into Russian within the framework of your participation.

You are welcome to take all the advantages of advertising your company and products at!